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The Benefit of Movable Partitions in Schools and Colleges

January 29, 2020

Why Install a Movable Partition?

Here at ModernGlide, we understand that choosing the right movable partition for your school or college will never be an easy decision. There are simply so many options! Size, material and colour are all examples of features that you should take time to consider, especially when installing into a school or college. When placing a movable partition into any education establishment, the quality of the student experience should always be put first. If you feel a movable partition will not only enhance the quality of teaching but also improve the students well being, then this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked.


High quality


Our movable partitions are designed and created with the highest quality, ensuring the safety of your students. A ModernGlide partition will not only reduce any unwanted noise but also enhance the visual aesthetics of your school. This is ideal for assemblies – installing a movable partition door to help project your voice, making it easier for your class to hear you as you teach.   




Simply put, they look great! Make your school more decorative and stylish, without compromising your students need to learn. By installing one of our movable partitions, your students will encounter a more open, freer place to learn. It’s important to keep in mind, that our movable partitions can also help with the acoustics of a public meeting, private meeting or assembly function. 


Perhaps parents evening is fast approaching and you’re lacking in functional space? Well, a partition will only aid this issue. Giving your meeting rooms and assembly venues an open and more versatile mode of operation.   


Movable Partitions Save Space


The question of space is an inescapable dilemma when it comes to educational facilities – there never seems to be enough room. By installing a movable partition you’ll be surprised how effectively you save space in your school or college. By dividing the room up into open, more manageable sections you’ll be able to create rooms within rooms! Making classrooms, sports hall spaces and assembly much more flexible. Diversify your school by splitting one large into two. Get the most out of your building’s structure with a ModernGlide moveable partition. Or perhaps chose a whiteboard panel finish to give even more flexibility to the teaching space. Whatever you decide is the best fit for your school or college, rest assured our professional team will guild you through your query every step of the way.  


If you are interested in getting the right acoustic solution for your school or college, or you’d simply like to find out more information then please get in touch today. Call us on 01372 235689 or fill in our contact form, our friendly team would love to hear from you.