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Folding Partitions and movable Walls | Solid Partitions

Solid partitions cover a series of different products in our range, including movable walls, and sliding folding partitions. Each one has a different level of acoustic reduction, but all of them provide the kind of flexibility needed to work perfectly within any home, office or commercial environment following a professional installation from ModernGlide.


Please be aware that our full range of solid partitions is extensive, and we have movable walls and folding partitions available which are not displayed on our website.

Movable Walls MG100-S


Highest acoustic rating. Multi-stacking options. Individual panels. Fixed wall appearance. Ideally suited for high-specification where movable walls need to provide the environment with flexible, extensive stacking arrangements and high acoustic performance.


The made-to-measure panels of these operable walls work through an internal, retractable mechanism and move quietly and quickly along the head track. In their closed position, MG100-S movable walls are extremely secure and ridged.


A semi-electric option offers even greater ease of use.


Movable Walls Key Facts

  • Acoustic reduction from 37dB to 58dB
  • Top-hung with no floor track
  • Panel widths of 650mm to no-cornered 1,250mm
  • Height up to 12,000mm
  • Fill height or inset pass door options
  • Semi-electric top and bottom seal options
  • Versatile stacking via single or double-point suspension
  • Finishes include melamine, laminate, veneer and magnetic wipe board
  • Integral glazing options

Sliding Folding Partitions MG200-S

No structural head support needed. Ideal for smaller openings. Pass door as standard. Slim line stacking. A continuous acoustic partition system, perfect for a quick and easy set-up process and our most popular solution for acoustic partitions that move.


MG200-S sliding folding partitions have a pass door panel as standard, allowing movement from side-to-side with seamless ease.


Sliding Folding Partitions Key Facts

  • Acoustic reduction from 37dB to 49dB
  • Top-hung or floor-supporting
  • Panel widths 450mm to 900mm
  • Height up to 4,000mm
  • Pass door as standard
  • Centre-folding or end-folding stacking options
  • Panel finishes include melamine, laminate, veneer and white board
  • Integral glazing options
a picture of a moveable door

Concertina MG300-S


Ideal low-cost solution. Maintenance-free. Express delivery. Top-hung or floor-supported. A quick, practical and flexible room divider, taking seconds – and only one movement – to divide your space with a concertina partition. Manufactured with budget in mind, ModernGlide vinyl concertina MG300-S partitions offer a true low-cost solution.


This system is ideally suited for installations within nurseries, village halls and hospitals.


Sliding Folding Doors Key Facts

  • Acoustic reduction from 15dB to 46dB
  • Top-hung or floor-supporting
  • Height up to 4,000mm
  • Panel finishes include melamine, laminate, veneer and magnetic wipe board
a photograph of some moving concertina doors

Straight Slider MG400-S


Maximum opening space. Out of sight when stacked. Ideal for confined spaces. Top-hung or floor-supported. The MG400-S is a quick and easy way of closing off spaces with a pull-and-push straight sliding panel system, which enables space solutions with the division of rooms where a stacking partition system would take up too much space.


This is another of our more popular solid movable walls.


Straight Slider Key Facts

  • Acoustic reduction from 37dB to 46dB
  • Top-hung or floor-supporting
  • Height up to 4,000mm
  • Vinyl, melamine and veneer finishes
  • Door ironmongery as standard
  • Inline of pocket stacking
a photograph of some moving white doors

For more information on solid movable walls and folding partitions, call us today on 01932 918338. We operate on a full nationwide basis.

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