PanelHush Acoustic Wall And Ceiling Panels

January 27, 2020

PanelHush is a range of Acoustic wall panels and ceiling sound absorption rafts.

We have different designs within the extensive range to suit any project and enhance your working environment.

PanelHush acoustic absorption boards are idea for:

  • Offices

  • Education

  • Hotels

  • Domestic environment

  • Community spaces

  • Churches

PanelHush has been designed to reduce unwanted echo noise and reverberation within spaces.

The use of either wall or ceiling panels and tiles help to make it easier to hear and concentrate when having a conversation.


  • Easy installation

  • Reverberation control

  • Sound absorption panels

  • Innovative designs

  • Suitable for any environment

  • Acoustic wall and ceiling panels

  • Panels that reduce the echo noise within your room

  • Developed to reduce reverberation within spaces,¬†making it easier for you to hear and concentrate