A boardroom with wooden table next to a glass partition window

How to Maximise Small Office Work Space

October 21, 2019

A large office space is not necessary in today’s working environment. At ModernGlide we understand that a smaller more dynamic space is becoming increasingly popular. 

With this in mind, maximising space is a key factor to ensure the productivity as well as the wellbeing of your business. If you’re often left thinking how to maximise a small office space, then below is a list of tips and tricks to maximise the space in your smaller office!


Remove Clutter 

The rise of the digital landscape has been accompanied by a decline in the need for paper documents. The necessity to remove clutter not only provides a clear thinking space for your employees, but also the creativity and effectiveness of your business environment. 


Any unnecessary ornament or hoarded items should be discarded allowing for a newer, more productive work space to flourish. Keep your office tidy and watch your team flourish!


Office Wall Space 

Think vertically. Take into consideration shelves, folders and store files. These items should be used to your advantage; they can help maximise valuable floor space to give your office room to breathe. 


A work environment that is both welcoming and efficient will only improve your business’s image. Remember, if renting an office space, desks with shelving capabilities should also be considered for storage space.


Lighting is Important

Whether you choose to opt for natural sunlight or LED lights, ensuring your office space is well lit and attracts the appropriate light will only enhance productivity.


Ensuring light can flood into your workspace throughout the day not only enhances the wellbeing of your office, but also opens up the room visually, making it appear bigger. 


Movable Walls 

Create an instant meeting room that complements your floor space. Our movable walls take up minimal space due to their slim and sleek design, making it easier to tuck them away and hide if needed. 


This not only adds privacy to your work environment, but also means you won’t have to fork out on a larger office space.  


If your business or office space requires a movable wall or you’re wondering how to maximise a small office work space, please feel free to get in touch with one of our experts: 01932918338. Alternately email us at and we will be in touch as soon as we can.