Do you have a noise nuisance or an reverberation issue in your working space?

January 28, 2020

More and more offices are being designed with open floor space, education buildings built with large open communal spaces.

Add to this hard materials such as glass, marble and wooden flooring.

These all look great but the sound travels and has no where to dispersed creating an echo and reverberation issue.

Hard surfaces will reflect most of the sound and noise that hits them. The sound will then bounce back towards where it came from.

Without having soft materials to dampen the sound the total sound will continue to bounce of the hard surfaces creating a build of sound energy.

The introduction of PanelHush sound reduction panels with your environment can reduce the unwanted noise and improve your working space

Different applications to solve your acoustic and reverberation issue are as follows – 

  • Acoustic panels

  • Sound absorption panels

  • Sound acoustic panels

  • Sound absorbing panels

  • Modern acoustic panels

  • Sound panels

  • Acoustic solutions to rooms

  • Sound absorbing materials

  • Sound proofing products

  • Acoustic sound panels

  • Ceiling acoustic panels

  • Raft ceiling tiles

  • Wall Panel boards

  • 3D Wall panels