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movable walls

How Installing A Movable Walls System Can Transform Your School

In today’s modern world, it’s becoming more and more common to have flexible workspaces. Whether it’s in your […]

mobile walls partitions

The Benefit of Movable Wall Partitions in Schools and Colleges

Why Install a Movable Wall Partition? Here at ModernGlide, we understand that choosing the right movable wall partition […]

Do You Have A Noise Nuisance Or A Reverberation Issue In Your Work Space?

More and more offices are being designed with open floor space, education buildings built with large open communal […]

PanelHush Acoustic Wall And Ceiling Panels

PanelHush is a range of Acoustic wall panels and ceiling sound absorption rafts. We have different designs within […]

Acoustic Ceiling and Wall Panels

How To Reduce The Noise Levels In Your Office

An office that is peaceful is something all businesses strive for. However, the modern office environment contains many […]

Movable Walls - Disability Centre Case Study

5 Reasons Why You May Need Movable Walls

Within a work space sometimes it is necessary to consider acoustic solutions to help combat noise. Or simply […]