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Sliding Walls

The Benefits Of Sliding Walls Within Your Workplace

Most employees situated in an office environment struggle with the same issue; distraction. From people talking, to loud [……

Acoustic Walls

Our range of acoustic walls

Acoustics in the workplace should be reviewed and monitored regularly. Loud or distracting environments can cause poor productivit…

Acoustic absorption panels

Acoustic absorption panels: How Do They Work

Employers looking to reduce noise usually turn to movable walls or sliding folding partitions. These walls act as […]

Changing Your Office Landscape On A Budget

Are you planning on rearranging your office? Perhaps the office or workplace is situated near a lot of […]

mobile walls

Control The Acoustics In Your University

Being able to hear and understand what a lecturer is saying is vital to a student’s academic progress. […]

ceiling acoustic panels, Acoustic absorption panels

The PanelHush Range, What Panels Would Benefit You The Most

Our extensive range of PanelHush products act as the perfect addition to your office or home. If your […]