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sliding doors - sliding folding wall partitions

5 Benefits Of Our MG900 Sliding Folding Wall Partitions

Our latest venture has brought the MG900 series to many of our customers’ attention. Our new sliding folding […]

mobile walls acoustic baffles

What Our PanelHush Series Can Do To Your Workspace

Our PanelHush series are a genius way to reinvent your workspace to keep it running smoothly. Our acoustic […]

movable wall partitions

Where Can Movable Wall Partitions Be Used?

Our movable wall partitions can be used in any commercial building or project. Here’s a guide to the […]

Semi Electric Movable Walls Partitions

What Movable Walls Are Right For Your Business?

Movable walls come in all shapes and sizes. They are a great addition to any space as they […]

glazed mobile walls

How We’re Working Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

At ModernGlide, we’re specialists in mobile walls, movable walls and sliding folding wall partitions. Over the last year, [&hell…

movable walls

Movable Walls Ideas For 2021

Keeping up with the ever-changing times means ensuring that your work, learning, and personal space can do the […]