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Sliding doord

Covid-19: How Movable Walls Can Create Safe Office Spaces At Affordable Prices

In the current situation, everyday life has become somewhat different to the norm we are used to. If […]

Operable walls at St Mary's School

Keep Students Focused With Noise Absorbing Sliding Acoustic Door

Schools are never quiet places, keeping hundreds or even thousands of students to a minimal noise level is […]

MG800 Acoustic Glass Doors

Give Your Office a Facelift with ModernGlide’s MG800 Acoustic Glass Doors

All offices’ tend to follow a similar trend, just desks and computers in a dull setting. We’re working […]

Movable Partitions

3 Reasons Why Installing Movable Partitions Is A Cost-Saving Solution  

Movable partitions may not be your first thought when it comes to enhancing your office space. Nevertheless, it […]

Sliding partition walls

How Installing A Movable Wall System Can Transform Your School

In today’s modern world, it’s becoming more and more common to have flexible workspaces. Whether it’s in your […]

MG100 white wall against wooden floor

The Benefit of Movable Partitions in Schools and Colleges

Why Install a Movable Partition? Here at ModernGlide, we understand that choosing the right movable partition for your […]