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ModernGlide have completed a flexible meeting room for a world leading company in alcohol beverages.


With the installation of the MG100 movable acoustic wall we created a flexible room that will be used for meetings, training, tastings and many other functions.


ModernGlide is the home for acoustic and movable walls, solid and glass, to meet every possible need. From budget bi-folding doors and high spec glass movable walls to interior and exterior sliding folding partitions with top-hung and floor support, ModernGlide can provide you with a full and professional installation.


The use of movable walls within the office environment gives you flexible space. Check out more at

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ModernGlide is the home for movable acoustic walls to meet every need. From budget to high specification, interior to exterior, top hung or floor supported.


  • Acoustic reduction from 37dB to 58dB
  • Panel widths 650mm to 1250mm
  • Heights up to 12 metres
  • Passdoors
  • Flush glazed doors
  • Semi electric top and bottom seal options
  • Melamine, laminates, veneers or fully glazed finish options


Quotations turned around daily, 3/4 week delivery time from an order

Flexible easy space design with movable walls

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Another completed project in London for our MondernGlide 100 movable wall with an inset passdoor for easy access.


3rd floor location blue chip company based in London are delighted with the flexible space that will be used on a daily bases.


12 movable wall panels in total and all stacked away out of sight when not in use.


Each movable acoustic wall panel was finished in a white laminate finish.

Flush glazed external bi-folding doors

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ModernGlide 900 are pleased to launch our flush glazed external bi-folding doors.


Our bi-fold door offers a modern contemporary appearance incorporating clean lines and smooth appearance complete with powder coated thermally broken aluminium frames for structural stability and strength associated with our companies design philosophies.


The contemporary silkscreen edgings are available in all colour options to suit your taste and design brief requirements dove-tailing neatly with the surrounding paint coated aluminium outer frames.


Check out more at

ModernGlide 200 Sliding Folding Partition Extra wide door access panel


ModernGlide have just completed the installation at a disability centre in Surrey for 1 number sliding folding partition.


ModernGlide designed the access door panel to be wider than normal at 900mm to allow wheelchair access when required.


The sliding folding partition stacks back to one side of the opening allowing maximum space for the rooms.


The sliding folding partition was installed to give privacy when needed but with the integral glazing this allowed maximum light to the rooms.


The ModernGlide 200 had to have a floor track to take the panel weight due to no structural support at the head. The sliding folding floor track was made to meet DDA regulations.

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ModernGlide Acoustic Boards & Furniture


ModernGlide are delighted to announce and launch their new range of fabric acoustic boards, sound boards and designer acoustic furniture.


Either wall mounted, ceiling mounted or free standing, ModernGlide offer you a great range of acoustic products to suit your budget or design needs.


Snowsound, Flap, Mitesco, President Baffle, Pli, Tra, In, Corista, Cocker and Snowall are all "A" Class acoustic tested. Along with being Class 1 Fire resistance


ModernGlide acoustic boards, sound absorbing and furniture are 100% sound absorbing and Eco-Friendly and made from Polyester fabric firmly bonded to the inner wadding.

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ModernGlide 100 Movable Wall London Installation

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Yesterday ModernGlide completed another installation of 3 ModernGlide movable acoustic walls in London.


Each opening for the movable walls were 5000mm wide x 2700mm high, with an acoustic rating of 48dB. The panel finish was a high gloss magnetic wipe board, giving the client a flexible use for their working environment.


From an order we turned around each movable acoustic wall in 4 weeks. Site survey-drawing sign off-manufacture-installation and snag free.


Designing flexible spaces using walls that move - Movable Acoustic Walls & Operable Wall Partitions.


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